Get #FreshFitnHealthy with Daily Tracking and Accountability through this 12-Week Journal
Sarah Grace Spann, registered dietitian, trainer, and entrepreneur, realized that ONE thing made all the difference of whether or not one reached their health goals: DAILY ACCOUNTABILITY, MINDFULNESS, and ROUTINE BUILDING.
This journal provides all of that and more, and how you can reach any health goal you have in mind too.
What's Inside:
  • THREE, 1 month dateless calendars to plan out goals, plans, special events and trips, along with action steps
  • 12 weeks of daily check in pages that have areas for tracking nutrition, training, emotions -- along with including morning and night time mindfulness questions to answer
  • Weekly and Monthly Check In Point Pages
  • Pages providing a Structure/Guidance for goal setting and customized nutrition so that you become your own expert
  • Wellness Vision Board - and so much more!
About the FreshFitnHealthy Journal
created by Sarah Grace Spann, MS,RD
Learn what it takes to achieve any health or fitness goal through a few pages on goal setting and the areas to focus on, along with a vision board, macro guide, and more.

Set a big 12 week goal, and then back track to create mini "milestones" to keep you motivated and on track.

Ultimate accountability through daily tracking pages for your nutrition, training, and some mindfulness questions every morning and night.

Check in to see how you've been doing, through the dedicated pages for both weekly and monthly check points.

Achieve your goals and create your very own #freshfitnFREE lifestyle!
About the Creator
Sarah Grace Spann, MS,RD
A believer, author, registered dietitian with a MS in sports nutrition, and simply a creator of many things fueled by passion and chocolate. Sarah Grace combines her own personal journey and experiences along with the education she's learned in the classroom, to offer long-lasting results that don't take away the fun or include meals of chicken/broccoli/brown rice each day, so you can still ENJOY life while reaching your goals. 

Past D1 athlete and eating disorder warrior, now gone nutrition professional and entrepreneur on a mission to redefine what living healthy truly means. She believes in teaching YOU to be a nutrition expert yourself -- learning what your individual body needs and feels best with, so you can begin living a #FreshFitnHealthy life, without strict dieting or militant exercising.
"I love simplifying nutritious eating, active living, and fat loss + lean muscle gain, so that you can ultimately create control over your life, feel energized, reach your goals, and be both confident and happy with your body."
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